I am Niva Elias and I am the creator of monjoon, a little and fine boutique only for

babies and small children .

I am a mother of two sweet boys, an architect, a designer, a sculptor, a dreamer,

a tailor and a lover of textiles . 

The monjoon work is about:

  • Going back to the basic, to the silence of a light rhythm.
  • Bringing joy and beauty to the daily life with kids.
  • Making your day as a parent simply easier
  • Creating  products that are fun to hang around with

 I work in my little studio in Hamburg, Germany

I create each and every item with love and care .

Details, great materials and beautiful fabrics are essential to me.

When I deliver an item to you I am thinking about how you and your baby will use it daily,

how it will accompany you and the most important is how much joy it will bring to your little ones.

Another aspect that is crucial to me is long lasting durability of my products.



The monjoon store offers a wide variety of items that can be used on a daily basis.
Three different lines exist: Baby Born, Baby Way and Baby Home.
Like real life our little ones move on their path from being born, then develop and finally 

discover their way beyond the warm, caring and loving nest.


To bring these goods into existence almost feels like giving birth to a new born. 


A love story.

For the kids. For the babies.

monjoon tells the story of two boys.

Brotherhood and friendship . 

And motherhood.

It is a huge privilege to receive  enduring love, joy and heavenly hugs from our cuties.  

We guide them, we provide for them, we experience their development and take influence

on them for a life time.

How does brotherhood feel?

Two boys have their own dynamics

Learning from each other is part of the daily routine.

To be there for each other, it is a necessity.

To enrich each others world and fantasy is a desire.

They are great.

They are brothers, friends, two cubs, great listeners for each other, partners for life and

sharing the blood connection.

At night.....

before falling a sleep...

A little whisper greets them at their ears....

I love you



My vision:

  • To spread the label to all new mothers that are about to be born.
  • To share new ideas.
  • To share the products in their communities.
  • Bring joy and fun to each little pair of hands that holds and uses the pieces.  



In the future:

I would like to proceed with a line of clothing.

Learn more about fabrics and how to use them properly, i.e. organic cotton.